Terms of use


Using any function or service of the website, legally capable individual or a legal entity (hereinafter – the User) shall comply with rules and restrictions set in this User Agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement). This Agreement is a public offer.

And also accepts the terms of the following documents ND INVEST LTD regulating the use of the Service:

User agreement ND MARKET service.

Denial of responsibility.

Terms and Conditions, and Risks statement.

Privacy policy.

The stated contract (Agreement) is public, and its terms are equal for all users. Appendices are an integral part of this Agreement. In the case stated below terms are accepted, any legally capable individual or a legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the User) is obliged to comply with terms of this Agreement without any reservations. Complete and irrevocable acceptance of terms set in this public agreement is a fact that the User takes advantage of website www.ndinvest.ltd and its free and/or commercial services, the fact of User’s registration at the website, fact of posting an advert by the User, participation in purchase or sale.

Use of the website by the User means acceptance of terms set by this Agreement. It occurs when the User starts to use it, specifically when the User goes to its address using a web browser or any other program and/or gadgetry enabling display of website page content. If due to any reasons the User does not agree with terms of this Agreement completely or partially, the Company kindly asks to exit from this website. If the User continues to use the website, it means that the User read this Agreement, understands, and completely accepts its terms without any exceptions and reservations, and obliges to comply with its terms fully.

Terms and its meaning.

In this Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise, stated below terms shall have meanings as follows:

Website (Internet platform, service, ND MARKET) means www.ndinvest.ltd website being a communication platform intended for its users to post adverts, information about goods and services, to close deals, and for communication purposes.

Account means a functional part of the System aimed to count User’s money and to record transactions therewith.

Authorization means log in a User Profile that presupposes entering registered by the User username and a password in relevant fields of the page and pressing a Log in button. Authorization at the website acknowledges acceptance of terms of this Agreement by the User.

Verification means a procedure aimed to verify data entered by the User in the course of registration using an algorithm – by their comparison with requested data, documents, records, etc.

User Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) means this Agreement regulating the relationship between the website www.ndinvest.ltd and its Users. The User who intends to use services of ndinvest.ltd is obliged to accept terms of the Agreement.

Dialog box means a System function intended for prompt message exchange among the Users.

Deregistration of the User Profile means technical and organizational measures taken by the Company or the Security Service and aimed to limit or terminate the access of the User to Website services using his/her profile. The profile is locked out to prevent offenses at ND MARKET Platform and breaches of the Agreement in a procedure set by it.

User Profile means a system integrated into a software component of www.ndinvest.ltd enabling to record and to provide to the User and the company information about the scope of available tokens, information, individual messages. Cost of pre-paid services and goods is shown in EURO and company tokens – NDCOINs. A virtual account is not a bank account or an E-money accounting system.

Contractor means a party of a deal made between a Seller and a Purchaser at ND MARKET Platform.

Cryptocurrency means electronic currency not having a single centralized issuer and distributed directly among holders of such currency.

ND COIN token means an internal payments unit.

"Deal" means an agreement for alienation of rights to goods or provision of services concluded between the Users of ND MARKET Platform.

ND INVEST LTD means a legal entity registered according to the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus located at the address: 8025 Paphos Cyprus Ieremiou 47

Buy means a button enabling the User to buy an item of the Goods at a fixed price taking into account a discount set by the Seller putting goods for sale.

"Current price for the Goods" means a button allowing to view an amount of ND COINs accumulated by viewing this item of the Goods by other users.

The preliminary agreement means an agreement according to which parties of the agreement are obliged to enter into the main contract stipulating transfer of property or provision of services under terms set by the preliminary agreement.

User Login (nickname, username) means User’s identifier at the website applied to identify him/her in the system and for purposes of access to the User’s Profile, and for other purposes set in this Agreement.

Cash on delivery means a method of delivery and payment of goods, in which the condition for the Buyer to receive the goods from the organization delivering the goods is payment for the goods through such an organization.

Purchaser means the User buying goods or services through ND MARKET Platform.

User means an individual or a legal entity that is granted access to services of ND MARKET Platform as a result of undergoing special procedures and, depending on acts taken by him/her, can participate in purchasers, and subject to further registration and putting goods up for sale at the platform acquires a status of seller, as well as using other options of ND MARKET Platform according to provisions of this Agreement.

Seller means the user (owner of goods), a legal entity, that using ND MARKET Platform posts an offer to sell the Goods or provide services with maximum discounts.

Registration means a procedure aimed to create the User Profile at ND MARKET Platform in course of which by completing relevant forms of Website pages the User provides the information required to use Website services. Within this registration procedure, the User is obliged to accept terms of this Agreement.

Rating a system of conditional assignment of points to the Users to award those who made more successful deals, and accordingly those having a higher level of credibility. Rating of the Users is compiled taking into feedbacks submitted by Contractors.

Goods Sale and Purchase Deal (deal) mean a deal made at ND MARKET Platform by the Seller and the Purchaser for purposes of commodity-money exchange. Terms of the deal are set by the Seller and the Purchaser subject to the preliminary agreement and terms set by this Agreement.

Fiat currency means money issued by a state identified at the legislative level as legal money in the issuing country.

Money means the Fiat Currency and the Cryptocurrency used to make the Deals.

Goods mean an article or a right owned by the seller which are a sellable article at ND MARKET Platform according to this Agreement.

Force Majeure means any of listed below circumstances including (but not limited to) affecting purchasers and sellers: acts of God, volcanic eruption, (natural) disaster, fire, military operations or any local or national disasters, invasion, obeying any order or request of any national, regional, port, or any public authority, government measures or intrusion, civil war, acts of terrorism (biological, chemical, or nuclear) explosion, rebellion, mass riots, strikes, civil commotions (or material or important threats or reasonable anticipation of any other upcoming events), reduction of transport services, closing of airports, or any other outstanding and catastrophic event, circumstance or a critical situation creating impossible, illegal or preventing conditions to make purchases or sales of the Goods posted at ND MARKET Platform.

Terms used to identify functions of the website, its functional elements, sections, and individual services are used in that form that is applied in the website interface.

This Agreement is executed between the Company and the User in a form of Public Service Agreement (Offer) text of which is posted at the Company website at www.ndinvest.ltd.
All messages, notices, claims, and any other correspondence sent by the Parties to each other shall be deemed to be duly sent by e-mail and in a form of messages at the website, provided by its special functional features by a dialog box, community messages, forums, feedback forms, company publications, commands, etc. Correspondence shall be deemed to be duly given if it is sent by the Parties in writing with necessary details.

The term of Internet-Platform can be used in the Agreement and/or other sections of ND MARKET Platform only for convenience purposes, and in no way, it should be understood as the term of Shop, Tender, or Auction.

Used herein terms of you or yours are referred to you, any individual represented by you, or your successor.


2.1 ND MARKET is a platform intended for the momentary purchase of immovable property, cars, furniture, and other Goods and services at prices of sales and marketing campaigns. At the platform, the Goods with an above average price range (over Euro 1,000) shall be posted.

2.2 To buy the Goods at ND MARKET Platform it is required to have an internal ND COIN settlement token.

2.3 Cost set by the seller can be reviewed at any time. It is a base value.

2.4 The Purchaser can always buy the Goods at the base value.

2.5 "View of the current рrice for the Goods" program.

2.5.1 It should be noted that the current price is always hidden. And each time when the price is viewed by pressing the button VIEW THE CURRENT PRICE, a sum shall be debited from User’s account in ND COIN tokens. The sum is equal to Euro 2. Amount of savings for review of the item of Goods shall be increased by Euro 1.

2.5.2 After a selected item of Goods is bought and a successful deal is confirmed by both parties, the purchaser shall be credited to back-office an amount in ND COINs that were accumulated as a result of current price review by all platform visitors. The Purchaser can exchange it for fiat money in the company or transfer it to a specified bank account or his/her crypto purse in ND COIN tokens.

2.6 User of ND MARKET Platform can be both any legally capable individual who is 18 y.o. or over 18, or a legal entity. 

2.7 The User must read and accept all terms contained or included by reference in this Agreement. In addition, the User is recommended to read the information included by reference in this Agreement. Any acts of the User, including (but not limited to) registration, authorization, making purchases at the website, posting or change of the Goods, sending messages, modification of data shall be an acknowledgment of his/her complete consent with this Agreement.

2.8 The User is obliged to ensure the relevance of his/her personal data stated at a relevant page in My Account section.

2.9 The Company shall be entitled to demand from the User to provide relevant documents supporting data entered in course of registration, and in case of their amendment later. A submission procedure and a list of required documents shall be included in a relevant request of the Company to the User. The Company shall be entitled to deny the User in use of the website and provision of the Services in case of failure to provide the required documents, and if the provided documents do not include data supporting data entered by the User.

2.10 Procedure of User’s data processing by the Company and terms of their posting at the website, terms and their definitions, as well as other provisions related to exchange of informative data between the users and the Company are set in a Confidentiality Appendix (that can be found at the website at www.ndinvest.ltd) hereto.

2.11 In Login of the User it is prohibited to use:

ndinvest.ltd expressions and its variations, and any other information related to the Company

swear words, vulgar expressions.

2.12 Mutual honesty, decency, and politeness of users are an essential condition for using of ND MARKET Platform.

2.13 The User shall be granted an opportunity to edit and deletion of data entered by him/her in course of profile registration. Access to review, purchase, and other provided operations with User’s data shall be granted to the User upon Authorization (validation).

2.14 The User is prohibited to transfer, lease out, or to sell the User Profile (information required for access to the User’s Profile) to third parties. If this provision is breached, the User shall be fully responsible for acts executed by parties to which he/she transferred information about access to the Profile, including civil and/or criminal responsibility.

2.15 The User cannot have more than one registered profile.
It is strictly prohibited:

to affect the rating of the seller or the purchaser;

to register the User Profile in case there is an existing lockout (deactivated) profile.

2.16 All photos, drawings, collages, graphic materials published on pages of ND MARKET Platform in social media, community, forums, blogs, other Internet resources cannot be an official advertisement unless it is declared as company advertisement in any publication. All these materials shall be created or provided by individual users and owned by them as authors. These materials shall be posted or published at their personal request or subject to their consent as authors. All published graphic images represent an exclusively subjective view of the author and his/her personal judgment that cannot always be in line with the opinion of Company management.

2.17 We do not intend to provide to the user services violating legislation of his/her jurisdiction. Accepting the Agreement the User acknowledges and guarantees that use of the website complies with laws and rules applicable in the territory of his/her jurisdiction. We shall not be liable for the illegal use of Website services.

2.18 Users shall be imposed full responsibility for taxes and dues applicable to any acts or profits gained by using the Website. In cases when according to legislative regulations of relevant jurisdiction full responsibility for drawing up reports shall be imposed on the User.

2.19 Due to legal reasons we do not accept Users from countries as follows: USA, Iran, Northern Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Individuals residing or located in these countries shall not be allowed to register accounts and to credit money at the Website. The list of jurisdictions can be amended by the Company without prior notice to the Users. You agree that you will not open an account or to transfer money to it being in one of the above-listed jurisdictions.


Accepting this Agreement the User shall be obliged, agrees and guarantees that:

3.1 the User has already turned 18 years old or a number of years sufficient to be considered acceptable Age granting a right to register at ND MARKET Platform not violating applicable legislation of a particular jurisdiction. Application of the Website is not allowed if it is prohibited by law.

3.2 The User is an absolute and legal owner of money on his/her account. All provided by the User information is accurate, current and complete;

3.3 The User fully realizes that review of the current price for the Goods can result in debiting of money. The user shall assume full responsibility for all possible losses. The User acknowledges that he/she uses the website at his/her own discretion, basing on his/her own wish, decision, an at his/her own risk. The User shall not be entitled to lay any claims against the Company connected with his/her losses and damages;

3.4 In case of purchase of the goods by the purchaser and transfer of NDCOIN tokens to the purchaser generated by reviews of the current price for the goods or services, 10 % of all collected tokens shall be debited in favor of the company.

3.5 The User clearly understands general principles, rules, and procedures of goods and service provision and specific nature of the Website www.ndinvest.ltd. The User realizes that he/she is fully responsible for the accuracy of record and use of his/her own tokens, and fully accepts terms set for the purchase of the goods posted at the Company website. The User agrees not to take acts or measures that can damage the reputation of the Company.

3.6 Accepting terms of the Agreement, the User grants a right to the Company for regular inspection (at its own discretion or at the request of the third party, including competent authorities) to certify the authority of the User and accuracy of the entered information.

3.7 Within a period of inspection, the possibility of withdrawing funds from the User's account may be limited.

3.8 If in course of the inspection false information is found, this fact shall be considered as a violation of Agreement terms, that in its turn grant the Company a right to close the User’s account immediately or to deny the User in services of the Website, in addition to other measures deemed relevant by the company.

3.9 The Company shall not accept money from third parties: friends, relatives, or partners. The User shall be obliged to contribute money (buy ND COINs) only from his/her account, bank card, or a system registered in the User’s name. In case this provision is violated, money can be recovered. Charges for recovery shall be paid by the user.

3.10 The User realizes and accepts a fact that his/her account is not a bank account. Therefore, it is not applied methods of insurance, crediting, guarantees, and other methods of protection by contribution insurance systems and other insurance systems. Interest shall not be accrued on cryptocurrency funds on the User’s account.


Collusion, misleading acts, fraud, and criminal activities.

4.1.1 transfer of information to a third party;

4.1.2 illegal acts: fraud, application of malicious programs, bots, and faults in Website software;

4.1.3 fraud including use of stolen, cloned, or otherwise illegally received data of credit or debit card to buy NDCOIN tokens;

4.1.4 involvement in criminal activities, money laundering and other activities that can result in criminal responsibility;

4.1.5 Getting into, attempt to get into or intention to involve in collusion with another user to gain advantages over other platform users;

4.2 The company shall be entitled to suspend, cancel, or revoke deals connected with purchases in a case if the company suspect that the user applies illegal methods to review price of the Goods item in the program intended for review of the current price for the Goods.

4.3 The Company shall take all permitted by law methods to exclude and detect fraud cases and their participants; relevant measures shall be taken against such participants. We shall not be liable for losses and damage inflicted as a result of fraud. In such cases, all adequate measures shall be taken by the company.

4.4 The Users shall be obliged to notify the company immediately if they suspect that any person has gotten into collusion or commits fraudulent acts. Please contact the company by e-mail at info@ndinvest.ltd .

4.5 The company shall be entitled to close access to the Website and to lock out accounts of the users without prior notice in case if they are suspected of fraud. In such cases, the company shall not be liable for recovery and compensation of money kept on accounts of such users. In addition, the company shall be entitled to notify law-enforcement authorities of illegal activity. The Users shall be obliged to cooperate with the company in investigation of such cases.

4.6 The Users shall not be allowed to use services and software of the Website to any fraudulent, illegal acts according to the legislation of a particular jurisdiction. If it is found a fact the user commits such acts, the Company can suspend or lock out the User’s account or retain money kept on it. In such cases, the users shall not be entitled to lay claims against the Company.


5.1 It is prohibited to use an aggressive or offensive manner of communication, swear words, threats or any violent acts with respect to employees or other users of the Website.

5.2 It is prohibited to load at the Website information in scope able to cause faults in the operation of the Website or to make any other acts that can affect the operation of the Website. In this case viruses, malicious programs, and spam are meant.

5.3 Users may use the Site solely for the purpose of buying and selling goods.It is prohibited to copy the Website as a whole or any its part without the written consent of the Company.

5.4 The Users promise not to make acts aimed at unauthorized access to the Website, receipt of illegal access to closed data or DDoS-attacks. With respect to users suspected of violation of this tule relevant measures shall be applied: complete prohibition on access to the Website and lockout of the account. In addition, we shall be entitled to notify competent authorities of illegal acts of the user.

5.5 The Company shall not be liable for losses and damages that can be incurred by our users as a result of faults caused by virus attacks or other malicious acts against the Website.

5.6 it is strictly prohibited to transfer or to sell the account to another user.


6.1 We shall be entitled to delete the User’s account (name and password) without prior notice in cases as follows:

6.1.1 The Company made a decision to terminate the provision of the services to all users or a particular user;

6.1.2 User’s account is in any way connected with the previously deleted account;

6.1.3 The User participates in criminal collusion or attempts to hack into;

6.1.4 The User interferes the operation of Website software or to manipulate it;

6.1.5 The User applies its account for purposes that can be considered as illegal according to the legislation of a particular jurisdiction;

6.1.6 The User publishes at the Website information having offensive or humiliating nature.

6.2 The Company shall be entitled to close the User’s account or to cancel the validity of the Agreement having sent a relevant notice to an address stated in contact information.


7.1 At any time at its own discretion the Company shall be entitled to amend the services offered at the website for purposes of support and update of the resource.


8.1 In case of a fault in operation of the Website the Company shall try to correct the situation as soon as possible. The Company shall not be responsible for faults in information technology means occurred in the operation of equipment used by the user to access the Website, faults in operation of Internet providers.


9.1 The User shall individually make a decision to use services of the Website, and any acts or their effects are a result of his/her choice made at his/her own discretion and at his/her own risk.

9.2 The website shall operate according to the clauses of this Agreement. The Company shall not provide other additional guarantees or representations with respect to the Website and the services offered at it, and hereby we exclude our liability (to the extent provided by law) with respect to all guarantees.

9.3 The Company shall not be liable for offenses, omissions, damage or losses that cannot be envisaged by the company at the present moment.

9.4 The Company shall not be liable for the content of resources access to which can be received through this Website.


10.1 The user is obliged to reimburse the Company any costs, claims, and expenses (including legal fees) that may arise due to his/her violation of the terms of the Agreement.

10.2 The User grants his/her consent to recover losses in full, to protect and defend interests of the Company, its partners, employees, and directors against all claims, liability, costs, and losses incurred due to:

10.2.1 violation of Agreement terms by the User;

10.2.2 violation of laws and rights of third parties by the User;

10.2.3 receipt of access to Website services by any other individual by using identification data of the User subject to his/her consent or without it;

10.2.4 Assign purchases made in this way.

10.3 If the User violates terms of the Agreement, we shall be entitled:

10.3.1 to notify the User that by his/her acts he/she violates the Agreement and to demand the immediate termination of the prohibited acts;

10.3.2 to suspend the operation of the User’s account;

10.3.3 to lock out the User’s account without prior notice;

10.4 We shall be entitled to cancel User’s name and password in case of failure to comply with one of the clauses of the Agreement.


11.1 The deal for sale and purchase of the Goods or services between the Seller and the Purchaser is considered concluded and valid in the following cases:

  • BUY button is pressed.
  • Payment by the buyer of the deposit (irrecoverable part of the price) 6% minimum by NDCOIN tokens.
  • Consent to the terms of the preliminary contract, which indicates all the essential terms of the transaction related to the quality, completeness, delivery conditions, type and method of payment for the goods or service.

Before Buy button is pressed by the purchaser, the Seller and the Purchase shall be obliged to agree with all terms set by the preliminary agreement. The deal made in violation of these terms shall not be deemed executed within ND MARKET Platform.

11.2 The purchaser takes into account that the deposit (advanced payment) is irrecoverable part of the price for Goods. In case of failure to make full payment for the Goods item or service within a period stated in the preliminary agreementе, paid in ND COIN amount shall not be recovered.

11.3 The parties are notified of legal aspects of Deposit concept.

11.4 The Company shall not be a party to the deal between the Purchaser and the Seller and shall not be liable for obligations of the parties involved in it. The User shall be fully liable for offered with respect to the Goods and made in view of the deals, for a choice of contractors for the deal and effects arising in view of the deal. All deals shall be made directly between the Users.

11.5 All essential terms shall be set by the Seller in the description of Goods item and they shall be subject to acceptance by the Purchaser accepting its terms. Additional terms of the deal can be set by the Parties by exchanging e-mail messages.

11.5.1 After the entry into force of the preliminary contract, the seller and the buyer must sign the main contract of sale of the goods or services. If the parties are satisfied with the description of the process of payment, transfer of goods or services through a preliminary contract, they must exchange an agreement in which they fully accept the terms of the preliminary contract.

11.6 Within 5 days upon making the deal (deposit payment) the Purchaser and the Seller shall be obliged to contact each other and to acknowledge all essential terms of the deal and to pay costs, specifically:

11.6.1 costs for delivery of the Goods (at whose expense delivery is made), its terms of Goods payment;

11.6.2 Sellers confirmation of the availability of the Goods offered for sale.

11.6.3 method of payment for the Goods (pre-payment, collect on delivery, payment on delivery) in case if pre-payment is agreed, to confirm bank details of the Seller and to verify details (including, company name) with data of the profile;

11.6.4 Form of payment for the Goods shall be as follows:

bank transfer;

payment by cash;

other methods of settlement not prohibited by applicable legislation;

11.6.5. Methods of commodity-money exchange of the parties with respect to the deals shall be as follows:

pre-payment: of pre-payment is made, then before the Goods are handed over/sent to the Purchaser, the latter shall be a creditor, and the Seller shall be a debtor, accordingly;

payment on delivery or collection on delivery;

11.6.6 Availability of guarantee maintenance, terms of Goods inspection by the purchaser and return conditions. (detailed description in the main contract)

11.7 Making the deal the Purchaser and the Seller shall be obliged to comply with the following terms:

11.7.1 If at least one of the parties of the transaction does not get in touch within a specified period in cl. 11.6, the deal shall not be deemed executed. And with a guilty party shall be imposed penalties according to the preliminary agreement. 

11.7.2 The Purchaser shall be obliged to make payment for the Goods (if the pre-payment is agreed), to notify the seller thereof and to provide data for delivery within 7 calendar days upon making the deal.

11.7.3 The Seller shall be obliged to dispatch the Goods (to transfer if the parties agreed on direct delivery of the Goods) to the Purchaser within 7 calendar days after the Purchaser made the payment for the Goods, subject to availability of the Goods item and Prepayment method. If Collection on delivery is provided, the Seller shall be obliged to deliver the Goods item within 7 calendar days upon making the deal, unless otherwise stated in the description of the Goods item. If On Order parameter is stated, the Seller shall be obliged to state delivery term in Description of the Goods item and to deliver it within the stated term.

 11.7.4 In case of each review of the current price for the Good item, NDCOIN token shall be accumulated. This amount shall be recovered to buyers upon purchase of the selected Goods.

11.8. Risks and effects of default:

11.8.1 Due diligence. Each User shall be responsible for his/her own caution and investigation of all issues connected with the acquisition of the Goods or services. The User shall study and be responsible for legal issues, the physical condition of the Goods, their attributes, environmental issues, economic issues, encumbrances, and all other aspects. The User must coordinate any such inspection with the Seller. In some cases, the seller cannot be able to grant physical access for inspections, and users shall accept Offers at their own risk. All Offers must be based on independent due diligence of the User and any information contained in the Purchase Documents.

11.8.2 The Seller and the Purchaser agree that making the deal each of them acquires a right to demand from the other party to perform obligations related to payment and transfer of the Goods basing on the preliminary agreement – depending on whether it is the Seller or the Purchaser. Failure of the parties to perform their obligations under the preliminary agreement shall be a basis of imposing civil law sanctions (including but not limited to recovery of debts, payment of interests, fine, etc.), and other types of sanctions provided by applicable legislation.

11.8.3 Risks of loss or damage of the Goods during delivery shall be born by the Seller. Risks shall be deemed transferred upon receipt of the Goods by the Purchaser from a delivery person.

11.8.4. Obligations of the Seller related to transfer of the Goods shall be deemed overdue upon expiry of 7 calendar days after the Buyer made payment (unless otherwise stated in an addendum). This situation can be a basis for imposing civil law sanctions (including but not limited to: recovery of money for undelivered Goods, payment of interests, fine, etc.), а and other types of sanctions provided by applicable legislation. Delivery terms can be changed subject to the written consent of the parties.

11.8.5 If sent by the Seller Good item was delivered to the Purchaser (or to a collection point, subject to agreements of the parties and maintenance terms of a delivery organization), and the Purchaser is notified thereof (received required for receipt details of the Goods item, dispatch number, etc.), but did not accept the Goods item and/or did not make payment within 7 banking days upon delivery of the Goods item to a Goods acceptance point, then obligations of the Purchaser shall be deemed overdue. This situation can be a basis for imposing civil law sanctions (including but not limited to: recovery of money for undelivered Goods, payment of interests, fine, etc.), а and other types of sanctions provided by applicable legislation. Delivery terms can be changed subject to the written consent of the parties.

11.8.6 Goods in the description of which other terms of sale/return that does not conflict with laws and the Agreement are clearly stated (and visible for the purchaser), faulty goods, comply with conditions stated in the description.

11.8.7 In case if the Goods item does not comply with the description (defects, inoperability, etc.), and cost of redelivery is a large percent of Goods price and/or exchange is difficult, the purchaser can offer recovery of Goods price (a part of it, subject to agreement of the parties), without actual return of the Goods item.
The Contractor can (but not obliged to) accept the offer. If the price is recovered, the deal shall not be deemed to be made.

11.9 Within 5 days the User shall be obliged to provide his/her explanations as to the performance of obligations under the Deal, in case a dispute arises at ND MARKET Platform. The objective of the dispute shall be self-resolution of conflict situation between the Users.Account and Profile of the User who is not able to cooperate in good faith within scopes of the dispute to settle it can be deactivated.

11.9.1. Bases to initiate the dispute:

- the Seller did not send the Goods for which payment was made;
- The Buyer did not receive a complete set of the Goods;
- Quality of the received Goods does not comply with a description of the Goods;

11.9.2 The Company cannot be involved in the settlement of disputable situations in the following cases (including, but not limited to):

- for On Order Goods – if over 30 calendar days passed upon making a purchase to receipt of a User’s request;
- for Available Goods – if over 14 calendar days passed upon making a purchase to receipt of a User’s request;
- The dispute arose between the seller and the purchaser in view of purchase of Goods item condition of which was stated as Faulty;
- upon expiry of 30 calendar days upon receipt of the first notice with respect to the dispute; 

11.9.3 The Purchaser acknowledges that information about the immovable property and other Goods or services was provided by the seller and was not verified by experts of the company. The Users are offered to consult a certified immovable property broker, technical expert, contractor, lawyer, financial adviser, tax adviser, and /or other relevant experts.

11.9.4 Buyer shall be liable for losses and/or costs directly or indirectly connected with verification, visits or inspection of Seller’s property. Buyer agrees to pay damages to the Seller and protect the Company from any such obligations, losses and/or costs.

11.9.5 Signing of purchase documents:

The main purchase contract, if required, shall be sent by the Seller by e-mail to the Purchaser. The Purchaser shall be obliged to sign the main contract within 5 days (unless other terms are set in writing and agreed by the parties). If the Purchaser does not sign the purchase documents in due time, the Company or the Seller can declare the preliminary agreement as invalid with respect to these Terms and Purchaser’s contract shall be canceled in favor of the Seller.

11.9.6. At any time the Seller can demand from the Purchaser to provide evidence that proves the availability of money and/or additional information. The Purchaser must give a response to such requests within one working day. If such confirmation of money availability or additional information is not received in due time, the Company or the Seller can reject the Purchaser’s offer and Purchaser’s contract shall be canceled in favor of the Seller.


12.1 The Company has the right to deactivate a User Profile (Profiles) for the following reasons (in particular, but not as a limitation thereof):

  • the User indicates incomplete and/or invalid (including information containing spelling errors) contact information (last name, first name, middle name, address, telephone number);
  • the User login violates established rules;
  • the User has several profiles;
  • an actual or nominal change of the profile holder is observable (transfer/sale of registered Accounts is forbidden);
  • the User makes some actions that the Company regards as fraudulent behavior, false pretenses and/or manipulative deception in relation to other users and the Company;
  • the User sends spam and other unwanted messages to other users of the ndinvest.ltd platform;
  • achievement of a rating by the User (1);
  • overdue in repayment of debt to ndinvest.ltd;
  • failure to comply with the requirements of the Company under this Agreement;
  • violation of terms under this Agreement by the User, including the Agreement, in the result of which harm was inflicted to another user and/or to the Company;
  • actions/ inactions of the User, which the Company regards as an insult, defamation, manipulative deception in relation to other users, Administrators, infliction of harm to the business reputation of the Company's;
  • using of rude and/or obscene expressions;
  • messages, which were written by User (including messages, which were made in the process of email-correspondence) to other users, to the Company, or to Employees, which contain an information that the Company regards as a threat of damage, damage to business reputation, property, health of Administrators, Employees of the Company, or other Users;
  • in the case of presentation of the relevant requirement on deactivation of the User profile by the competent state authorities in the prescribed manner;
  • availability of a locked affiliate account. Affiliation between two User accounts is determined by the Company, guided by the following criteria (including, but not limited to): the presence of a match of any profile data, IP-address from which the signing into the account was made, user-agent, password;
  • to prevent unauthorized access to the User profile and/or to minimize the probability of actions that may be regarded by the Company as illegal;
  • to receive 3 or more negative feedbacks from different (non-affiliated) users per calendar month and/or rating reduction below 93 % (with the total amount of feedbacks, which is more than 20).

12.2 Reactivation of the profile (unlocking) is possible only in accordance with the relevant decision adopted by the Company.

12.3. The User, whose Account has been locked out (deactivated), cannot be re-registered with another Account without a relevant decision of the Company.

12.4 The User has the right to request the Company to unlock the profile by sending an email. The Company takes a decision to unlock the profile within 15 (fifteen) working days from the moment of receipt of the application at its own discretion, but on the condition that the unlocked Account will not be used to carry out actions/inactions in connection with which it was locked out (deactivated).


13.1 The Parties shall bear responsibility for nonperformance or improper performance of their obligations under this Agreement as set forth by law.

13.2 The User shall bear responsibility for accuracy and compliance with applicable laws of the information provided by he/she and the actions he/she performs.

13.3 The Company shall not bear responsibility for the consumer properties of the Item of Goods (Goods) offered for sale on NDMARKET, and also for the legality of offering it for sale. In the case of any disputes regarding the quality and consumer properties of the received Item of Goods, the Seller, and the Buyer are obliged to settle it independently.The Company does not interfere in the consideration of such cases.

13.4 The Company shall not be considered as a party under the transaction between the Seller and the Buyer, shall not participate in the legal relations between them and shall not bear responsibility for their actions/inactions.

13.5 The Company shall not bear responsibility for the accuracy of the information posted by Users on the NDMARKET platform, as well as for the legitimacy of its posting.

13.6 The Company shall not bear responsibility for interruptions in the provision of services caused by technical failures in the operation of equipment and software.

13.7. The User shall be obligated to count the revenues, which were received as a result of transactions on the NDMARKET platform independently, and to provide financial reports to the tax authorities in the manner as stipulated by current legislation; the User shall bear responsibility in the event of failure to perform these obligations. The Company shall not bear responsibility for such actions of the User and has the right to provide information on the number of transactions made by the User, as well as other necessary information upon the request of the competent state authority.

13.8 The User shall be obligated to keep confidential and not transfer to third parties his/her password and login for access into the User Account. In the case of the password loss, the User shall immediately contact a Company’s Administrator for accepting of appropriate measures.

13.9 The Company may regard the fact of transferring data about the login and password to third parties as fraudulent actions, and transfer such information to law enforcement agencies to clarify the circumstances and taking measures stipulated by the current legislation.

13.10 The Company shall not bear responsibility for the actions of third parties who have become aware of login and password of the User, as well as for the consequences that come after that.

13.11 Disputes arising from a violation (possible violation) of the terms under this Agreement shall be resolved through a peaceful settlement. If the dispute cannot be resolved in this way, it is subject to further consideration in a court of law according to the current legislation.

13.12 The Company does not check all the Goods, posting on the NDMARKET platform, its availability or completeness, serviceability or quality, compliance with the description, etc., and does not guarantee the Buyer that the second party of the transaction will perform its obligations in full extent. As far as possible, the Company tries to verify the data relating to the description of the Goods offered for sale on the platform in the order to identify actions that violate the terms under this Agreement and the Annexes to this Agreement.

Therewith, the Company has the right to request information about the Item of Goods that was put up for sale from the Seller.

13.13 In the event of a dispute between Users, which they were unable to settle independently, The Company has the right to resolve a dispute between them within the framework of its authority provided in accordance with this Agreement by sending a corresponding request to the Parties of the transaction to which they are obliged to respond within the time period specified in the request. This decision is final and is not subject to further appeal or review under the NDMARKET platform. The Company has the right to refuse to Users who have not complied with the instructions of the Company to resolve the dispute, to maintain and lock out the profile, to delete the profile and to perform a termination of the Agreement unilaterally.

13.14 Company’s limit of responsibility. The Company does not provide any guarantees, assurances, and conditions, express or implied, with respect to immovable property, goods or services, including with regard to quality, marketability, durability, suitability for a particular purpose. The Company shall not bear responsibility for any possible losses (financial or reputational), resulting from using of the NDMARKET platform, even if the User informs the Company about it or even if the Company could foresee the possibility of causing the damage in this matter. Despite the conditions of this Public Agreement, the User agrees that any possible responsibility of the Company to the User or any third party is limited to 100 (one hundred) EURO.


14.1 “Leave feedback” option is available to any User. Due to this option, the User has the opportunity to express his own opinion about the transaction, which will be recorded in the User Account and is available for review to other Users.

14.2 There are three types of feedbacks: a positive one, a mixed one, a negative one.

  • Positive feedback should be left in the case when counterparties perform their obligations under the transaction, which was consumed with a commodity-money exchange.
  • Mixed feedback reflects the overall mixed or poor impression of the transaction: a counterparty performed the basic obligations of commodity-money exchange, but by his actions or inaction he/she prevented the best consummation of the transaction (description of the Item of Goods/Services is not completely accurate, the payment/dispatch of the Item of Goods has been exceeded, the Item of Goods has bad packaging, etc.)
  • Negative feedback should be left in the case if a counterparty has not performed/not fully performed the obligations under the transaction and/or the deadlines have been violated.

Leaving feedback is a voluntary decision of the User.

14.3 Feedback should contain:

  • Description of the Item of Goods: its status and conformity assessment with the description that was provided on the page, where the Item of Goods was putting up for the sale.
  • Description of the transaction (qualitative assessment of communication with a counterparty, service for and on behalf of the Seller).

14.4 Feedbacks and comments to Goods shall not contain:

  • insults, non-literary expressions, opprobrious words, abusive expressions, etc.;
  • vulgar, obscene, pornographic, or inciting racism, sexual violence, xenophobia, and conflicts between nations;
  • data on a counterparty or other person (name and surname, user name, address, telephone number, e-mail address);
  • www-addresses;
  • characters and symbols, which cannot be read;
  • mention about the Company and/or its employees;
  • advertising texts.

14.5 By leaving feedback and/or comment to it, the User shall bear responsibility for its content. The feedback shall contain detailed accurate information about the transaction.

14.6 The Company does not interfere to the text of feedbacks on transactions concluded during a personal meeting, on transactions for the sale of services, for the sale of used or faulty Goods, as well as feedback about the quality of the Item of Goods. Only in some cases, the Company has the right to delete or change feedback. Such cases are described below:

  • feedback or comment violates the terms of the Agreement;
  • feedback was left by a counterparty refusing to pay or violating the terms of the Agreement
  • feedback was erroneous or was left with a direct intent to corruptly damage the business reputation of the User (for example, in order to carry out revenge), as indicated by the content of feedback, the time of feedback leaving or other facts (at the discretion of the Company);
  • the text of feedback does not match the type of feedback (a positive one, a neutral one, a negative one);
  • feedback was left by the User, who participated only in order to leave feedback;
  • a feedback related to the quality of an Item of Goods, which was left more than 14 days after receiving the parcel for goods with “In Stock” parameter, and more than 3 months for goods with “Under Order” parameter, or after the warranty period if the Buyer did not contact the Seller before leaving a feedback.
  • a negative/ neutral feedback, which was left more than 30 days after the purchase/sale with “In stock” parameter, and more than 3 months for goods with the parameter “Under Order” parameter, or after the warranty period specified in the description of the Item of Goods.
  • text of feedback contains characters that make the feedback unreadable;
  • negative feedback was left under the transaction during which the Seller provided the details for payment of a third party*, and the Buyer refused to pay. Such negative feedback may be changed from negative to a neutral one by contacting one of the parties and providing appropriate confirmation.
  • name of the Company, the holder of a bank card (the owner of a bank profile) differs from the name of the Company indicated in the User Account.
  • feedback left by a party of the transaction that has not provided the Company requested information within the time period specified in the request. Such feedback will be deleted with the right to restore after providing all supporting information.

If mixed feedback, which is carrying out informational format only (general impression of the transaction is described in the text of feedback) was left, it may be deleted only by mutual agreement of the parties.

14.6.1 Applications for change/cancellation of feedback are not accepted after 30 calendar days from the date it was left.

14.7 The Company takes a decision on interference in feedbacks of counterparties separately in each case. The Company has the right to refuse to delete/edit the feedback if the parties of the transaction refuse to provide or provide insufficient information, or the information provided by the parties of the transaction is contradictory. The period for resolving such situations is up to 14 business days.

14.8 It is unacceptable to leave fictitious feedbacks for “cheating” a rating with the help of additional Accounts, without the purpose of making a deal with the completion of its commodity-money exchange. For violation of this condition, the Company has the right to lock out a Profile(s) of the User.

14.9 Buyers may evaluate the quality of the transaction according to 4 criteria when leaving feedback:

  • description of the Item of Goods;
  • communication with the Seller;
  • duration of the order;
  • cost of the delivery.

14.10. The Buyer evaluates the transaction with the Seller for each of the points, assigning from 1 to 5 points. The average rating is available for viewing only if there are at least 10 ratings from User are provided.


15.1 Moment of the conclusion of this Agreement is considered the fact of using of the Site by the User, or any other program and/or technical devices enabling to display the content of web-pages on the site.

15.2 This Agreement is valid until one of the parties declares on the necessity of termination of the Agreement, but in any case, it will be terminated when all obligations under this Agreement will be performed.

15.3 The Company has the right to unilaterally modify or update parts of this Agreement at any time, without prior notice. Please, review the Agreement from time to time to be aware of changes and updates. All changes made to the Agreement take effect from the moment they are published.

In case of disagreement with the amended clauses of the Agreement, the User has the right to stop using the Site. Further using of the Site after the entry into force of the amended clauses of the Agreement will be regarded as its full acceptance, regardless of whether the User received a notice or knew about the changes from the updated Agreement.

15.4 The User accepts the terms of the Agreement in a new edition by the way of “conditional silence” (does not express by his/her direct actions his/her desire to terminate the Agreement, for example, by deleting his/her data and the User account, which was registered earlier).

15.4.1 In cases not covered by this Agreement and the Appendices thereto, the User undertakes to be guided by the recommendations, tips and clarifications of the Company sent to him/her personally or by posting on the Site.

15.5 The User has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally, stating about the necessity to terminate this Agreement by sending an e-mail to info@ndinvest.ltd from the mailing address associated with the account and the relevant text containing the Username.

The Company stops providing services to the User within 7 days from the moment of receiving the request and sends email to the User with a confirmation of the receipt of the request.

The termination of this Agreement by the User is possible no earlier than 30 days after the date of completion of the last Transaction under the User Account.

The User has the opportunity to renew the effect of the Agreement and provide him/her with the Services by submitting a relevant request to the address info@ndinvest.ltd on the Site.

15.5.1 Deletion of the User profile is carried out via email to info@ndinvest.ltd from the postal address associated with the profile and indicating the User login, after which the account is deactivated and completely deleted from the site within 30 days.
A request to delete the User profile is possible no earlier than 30 days after the date of completion of the last Transaction under the User Account. The Account should be active at the time of the request.

15.6 The Company has the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement in the following cases:

15.6.1. In the event of any violations of the provisions under this Agreement by the User, in the event of infliction of harm to the Company, to employees of the Company and/or to Users of the Company;

15.6.2 In cases, when the User by its actions (inaction) inflicts a loss or harm to the business reputation of the Company or other Users;

15.6.3 In cases, when information, which was received from the User (including, by email) was accepted by the Company as a threat of damage, harm to business reputation, property, the health of the Company, to Employees of the Company and/or to Users of the Company;

15.7 Moment of termination of this Agreement in such cases shall be considered the moment of notification of the User on such termination on behalf of the Company.

15.8 Provision of services may be resumed only after the adoption of the relevant decision by the Company.


16.1 “ND MARKET” Referral and Leadership program is a modern marketing program, which is designed to help those, who have a desire to promote the Company's services on the world market and to receive from the Company a fee for advertising and invitation new customers. The program consists of two marketing phases that will give you access to various income flows:

16.2 In the order to participate and receive passive income in the ND MARKET Referral and Leadership program, you need to accept the terms of ND MARKET using, then buy the minimal amount of tokens and start inviting users of the program and trading companies, using your unique User ID. The more sellers and users you invite, the higher constant passive income you receive.

  • Referral program (for the invitation of sellers of goods and services).
  • Leadership program (for the invitation of users to purchase an internal ND COIN token).

16.3 By joining the affiliate program, the partner receives an ID number or referral link - this is a unique link, assigned to each registered user.

16.4 Once invited members perform registration by the link and buy NDCOIN tokens, they will be marked with the partner identifier, and the partner will receive NDCOIN bonus credits to his/her personal account within 24 hours.

16.5 Once invited members perform registration by the link and buy NDCOIN tokens, they will be marked with the partner identifier, and the partner will receive NDCOIN bonus credits to his/her personal account within 24 hours.


17.1 As a referral fee for attracting customers in the order to buy tokens of the Company, participants of the marketing program will receive NDCOIN tokens.

17.2 Accrued payment and statistics may be seen on the toolbar in the Referral and Leadership program in your account.

17.3 Technical support during the Referral and Leadership program is carried out by e-mail: info@ndinvest.ltd

17.4 Partners may easily access, monitor and manage their rewards through the ND MARKET wallet, which is available at the www.ndinvest.ltdwebsite address. When withdrawing from the wallet, funds may be freely transferred to a bank or crypto-settlement account.

17.5 Tokens, which were received as commissions under the marketing program may be immediately exchanged for fiat money at ND MARKET Companyat the rate at which the tokens were purchased and withdrawn to any specified account.

17.6 Withdrawal of funds is carried out within 7 calendar days.

17.7 Withdrawal is possible from an amount equivalent to 130 Euro.

17.8 Transfer fee amounts to 30 Euro + % for a bank transfer.

17.8.1 When withdrawing to Euro or Dollar and third-party cryptocurrency accounts, the commission amounts to 35 % of the exchange value of the NDCOIN token.

17.9 When withdrawing funds by a company coupon, the commission amounts to 10 % of the exchange value of the NDCOIN token.

17.10 When withdrawing NDCOIN to personal cryptocurrency wallets, the commission amounts to 2 %

17.11 The minimal amount of tokens when buying is 50 NDCOIN.

17.12 In the order to participate in the ICO ND INVEST Referral and Leadership program, mandatory minimum purchase of 500 ND tokens shall be made.


18.1 The leader program is an eight-level program, which provides an increased level of interest and effectiveness of the Company.

18.2 With the help of the ND MARKET program, you may get up to 25 % of the total number of token acquisitions in your structure.


For each new sale, which was made after a personal recommendation, the partner receives fees, the value of which is determined in accordance with the career level at which he/she is at the agreed-upon monetary value.

If this is a new partner, and NDCOIN tokens will be bought through his affiliate link, he/she will receive an entry-level commission fee. If this is a direct buyer, then the amount will be 7 % of ND tokens of the total amount of his/her purchase.

Direct recommendation is provided below.

The initial level is 7 % from the personal token sellings.

Partner of the 1st Level receives 9 % from the personal token sellings.

Partner of the 2nd Level receives 12 % from the personal token sellings.

Partner of the 3rd Level receives 16 % from the personal token sellings.

Partner of the 4th Level receives 19 % from the personal token sellings.

Partner of the 5th Level receives 21 % from the personal token sellings.

Partner of the 6th Level receives 23 % from the personal token sellings.

Partner of the 7th Level receives 24 % from the personal token sellings.

Partner of the 8th Level receives 25 % from the personal token sellings.

Example: Level of the Partner is initial; Tariff is 7 % of the amount of tokens purchase by personally invited ones. 5000 ND tokens were purchased.

Calculation: 5000 NDCOIN tokens are purchase amount, the initial level of 7 % is equal to 350 ND tokens. Partner commission is 350 ND tokens.

Commission fee for leadership work.

The affiliate program is being run subject to an invitation of at least three personal paid orders for the purchase of ND tokens and a total purchase amount of 1500 NDCOIN (1st level).

Remuneration for management:

Position and remuneration under the leadership program depend exclusively on theworking results of each member and the work of its invited Partners, i. e. on the total production, which is estimated as a percentage. For purchased tokens, the Partner receives a percentage of the payment amount of ND tokens according to his/her level and the level of the direct partner from which the purchase was made.

Remuneration for the management is the difference between the estimated tariff of the position of the partner and the tariff of the position led by the directly invited Partners according to the results of payments when purchasing ND tokens.





from 0 to 1,500 purchases of ND tokens by directly invited partners.

7 %

1st Level

from 1,500 purchases of ND tokens by directly invited partners to 5,000 total purchases of ND tokens.

9 %

2nd Level

from 5.000 total purchases of ND tokens to 20.000 total purchases of ND tokens.

12 %

3rd Level

from 20,000 total purchases of ND tokens to 80,000 total purchases of ND tokens.

16 %

4th Level

from 80,000 total purchases of ND tokens to 350,000 total purchases of ND tokens.

19 %

5th Level

from 350,000 total purchases of ND tokens to 1,500,000 total purchases of ND tokens.

21 %

6th Level

from 1,500,000 total purchases of ND tokens to 5,000,000 total purchases of ND tokens.

23 %

7th Level

from 5,000,000 total purchases of ND tokens to 15,000,000 total purchases of ND tokens.

24 %

8th Level

from 15,000,000 total purchases of ND tokens.

25 %


Partner of the 3rd Level. Tariff at the 3rd Level is 16 % for the entire extent of purchased tokens in the structure.

The level of the downstream partner is 1st, which corresponds to 9 % of ND tokens sold by its structure.

Amount of purchases, which were bought during the accounting period for a total cost of 18,000 ND tokens from the structure of the downstream Partner on the 1st level.


The difference between a tariff of the higher partner is the 3rd Level (16 %) and the downstream Partner is the 1st Level (9 %).

16 % - 9 % = 7 % of the total tokens purchase by the structure of the partner of the 1st level.

With a total purchase in the amount of 18,000 ND tokens, the commission of the partners at the 3rd level of 7 % is 1260 ND tokens.

Result: The commission of the Partner of the 3rd level for the management of the structure will be 1260 ND tokens.

There is an ability to move to a higher level.

Buyers, who bought tokens simultaneously for 16.000 ND tokens, immediately go up to the 3rd level of leadership career with getting 16 % from invited partners.

Buyers, who bought tokens simultaneously for 50,000 ND tokens, immediately go up to the 4th level of their leadership career with getting 19 % from invited partners.


A referral program is represented by three referral levels. You receive a remuneration every time, when companies, which sell goods and services, that you personally invited, as well as all subsequently invited companies, put goods and services on the platform and successfully implement it.

20.1 In the order to participate and receive passive income in the ND MARKET platform referral program, you need to accept the terms of the program using, purchase the minimum amount of tokens in the order to participate and start inviting trading companies, using your unique User ID. The more sellers you invite, the higher the passive income you receive.

The way it works is described below.

1st Level: You receive 1.5 % as a referral payment for each sale of goods that are made by your personal invited sellers of goods and services (direct partner).

2nd Level: You receive 1.0 % as a referral payment for each sale of goods and services that are made by sellers invited by your personal referrals (referrals of the1st Level).

3rd Level: You receive 0.5 % as a referral payment for each sale of goods and services that are made by sellers invited by the referrals of the 1st Level (referrals of the2nd Level).

Accrued referral tokens are displayed in your back office after each sale of goods or services by companies that you have invited.


Tokens purchase is performed subject to regulations of tokens purchase in ND INVEST LTD Company.

Tokens purchase can be paid for in ND INVEST LTD Company by the following ways:

  • Banking transfer.
  • Debit or credit card.
  • Other available services.
  • Bitcoins, Ethereum.

The users can use NDCOIN tokens for:

  • Payment of the deposit or the entire cost of the item of goods or services.
  • Funds withdrawal to own crypto wallets.
  • For exchange for other altcoins or sales at cryptocurrency exchanges.

After NDCOIN tokens repurchase to the company, a user can withdraw fiat currency to

  • a Banking account.
  • a card.
  • an electronic wallet.

Fiat currency withdrawal algorithm.

Withdrawal of funds received from sales is effected through the company administrator to payment systems specified on the company site in section “Payment and funds withdrawal”, to VISA, MasterCard cards, or a banking account specified by the partner.

Funds transfer to the own accounts occurs on the 14th calendar day following the funds' withdrawal from the Partner's personal area. Withdrawal of funds less than 130 Euros is impossible. When withdrawing funds, a banking commission may be charged.


The storage of NDCOIN tokens in the company wallets is free of charge.


Any of the below circumstances including (but not limited to), affecting buyers and sellers: natural disaster, volcano eruption, (natural) disaster, fire, military actions, combat actions, or any other local or national disaster, occupation, obedience to any order, or a request of any national, regional, port or any other public official authority, governmental actions or intrusion, military actions, a civil war, or acts of terrorism, (biological, chemical, or nuclear) explosion, uprising, mass disruptions of public order, strikes, civil disturbances (material or important threats, or justified apprehension of any other oncoming events), reduction in transport services, closure of airports or any other exclusive and disastrous event, circumstance or critical state resulting in impossible, illegitimate conditions or conditions hindering purchasing or sales of goods placed on ND INVEST platform.

Please, read these conditions of use attentively before you start using the web sites.

Attachment 1 Forbidden Goods.

1. General provisions. 

1.1 ND MARKET Internet-platform provides the Users with services for purchase-sales of various goods and services while granting huge discounts, in which case, the Sellers are personally liable for articles and services, offered by them for sale, compliance with the Trading platform and effective legislation requirements.
1.2 The current Rules provide an incomplete list of articles and services prohibited for sale-purchase on the Trading Internet-platform or sale-purchase of which can be performed based on other conditions. 
1.3 General requirements for purchase requisition of purchased or sold articles or services are set forth in the Rules for exhibiting articles and services for sale on ND MARKET platform.

2. Articles unconditionally prohibited for purchase-sale on the Trade platform.

2.1 The following is prohibited for purchase-sale on the Trade platform:

The Company prohibits purchase and placement of any goods which violate the effective legislation and can be deemed as indecent, outrageous or misleading. In particular, the prohibition covers the following group of goods:

  • Goods with porno content.
  • Dangerous chemical substances.
  • Drugs, that is, intoxicants, psychotropic substances or their substitutes.
  • Untrue information about the goods (adulterated goods), that is, information that can mislead customers regarding their origin. That is the goods manufacturer, its production time and date, the quantity and quality of the goods, convenience and ease of use, the ability to be repaired and maintained, as well as other important features of the goods or services.
  • Music, films, equipment (tools and software), as well as other goods, the sale of which violates the copyright/intellectual property right of third parties.
  • Real estate in pledge, ban for sales, etc.
  • Stolen Goods.
  • State and combat decorations.
  • Wanted means of transport.
  • Special technical means for obtaining information in a secret way.
  • National standards of physical quantities measurement units.
  • Forged currency notes and forged postal payment notes. 
  • Human or animal organs.
  • Medications.
  • Poisons, narcotic drugs, and psychotropic substances, their precursors; substances affecting the human mind and psyche. 
  • Organs and tissues of humans and animals, blood and other biomaterials, as well as donor services.
  • Effective or valid state personal identification, marks, permits, and licenses.
  • Official forms, forms of strict reporting.
  • It is prohibited to place goods, which implies the sale of rights to purchase goods, to use the service, to receive rewards and discounts, to get familiarized with information, etc., in the event the purpose of such item of goods is an advertising campaign of the latter.
  • Explosive substances and pyrotechnical materials (fireworks).
  • Shares in companies, securities, stocks, bonds, receivables, insurance policies and any other financial instruments offered as a form of investment or cash placement.
  • Food products, with the exception of non-perishable ingredients (large quantities) in factory packing complying with state quality standards.
  • Skins and products from the skins of rare animals and their endangered species.
  • Goods that promote the spread of hatred, racism, xenophobia or the encouragement of conflicts between nations.
  • Materials that can be used to slander a person or a group of people.
  • Software containing viruses or other harmful or destructive elements.
  • Personal details or email lists (anonymous mailing to people who did not agree to receive ads is prohibited).
  • Direct sales catalogs that allow you to order products, apart from intermediary catalogs.
  • Unfilled (blank) warranty cards.
  • Software activators, CD keys, application registration numbers without original software.
  • Television descramblers.
  • Poaching tools and equipment.
  • Hunting steel traps.
  • Poaching fishing gear used in fishing water bodies: various types of fishing nets, nets for crawfish, barriers, etc.;
  • Electrical equipment, including its components, which are used to fish using electric current.
  • Electric shockers, rubber truncheons, knuckles. And handcuffs and special means, which containing drugs of tearing and irritating effect, which belongs to special means of active defense used by law enforcement authorities.

Instructions and addresses of websites, file transfer program servers, which may contain informational support: on creating or receiving dangerous, illegal materials or materials possession of which is prohibited; violating the law or access to such materials.

  • Software without a license.
  • Messengers accounts (ICQ, Skype, etc.), email addresses, accounts of social networks, games, etc.
  • Automotive software programs, for example, EPC, ETK, ETKA, and others.
  • Theses of scientific works, diplomas, bachelor graduate theses, etc.
  • Services related to the collection of materials and writing diplomas, bachelor graduate theses, etc.
  • Services related to the offer of assistance in gambling systems that contain betting.
  • Goods containing logo/logo elements of the Site or its elements (this does not apply to Users, who have a relevant agreement with the Site).
  • Software tools, which are used in the description of goods as additional options. The exception is the sale of templates.
  • Fire, cold, pneumatic, signal weapons, devices for slaughtering (using explosives) and ammunition and accessories for it.
  • Tobacco and related products, including tobacco, cigarettes, tobacco or cigarette substitutes, cigars, and cigarillos, pipes, hookahs, bongs, tissue paper, inhalers, e-cigarettes and cartridges for them.
  • Methods, courses, and methodological and other materials on changing of curves (forms) and other parameters of the human body (methods of losing weight, increasing muscle mass, self-treatment, etc.) that directly or indirectly affect health.
  • Goods, images, products, etc., containing swear words and phrases;
  • Training programs on earning through the Internet.
  • Alcohol.
  • Hemp seeds, coca.
  • Animals.
  • Sound files (in mp3, wma, wave, midi format). The Seller shall have the author’s property rights to sell (in most cases, he/she should be the author or publisher of such materials). The declaration that the Seller has the economic rights of the author to such works.

E-reader device

Books, publications, which will violate the relevant laws and User Agreement, are forbidden to be sold.

Most importantly, that any electronic material (books, publications, etc.) should not be delivered by electronic means of communication (e-mail, etc.), but with the help of CD, DVD, and other material storage media, which should be described in detail in the description of the goods.

Exceptions: cases, when the Seller owns the copyright to the goods.


The ND MARKETplatformreserves the right to add certain items and services to any of the above lists, regardless of whether its turnover is legal or not.

The ND MARKETplatformhas the right to refuse to put up goods and (or) services which, at its discretion, belong to the list of prohibited ones for sale on the platform.

The ND MARKETplatformmay obstruct the process of buying and selling of any goods or service at any time, with possible notification of potential counterparties, and also other persons, via any available means of communication.

Users have the right to report on the prohibited or allowed on special conditions items on the site through the Feedback form, which was mentioned above.

Decision on phase-out the goods and/or services from the platform is made solely on the basis of information available from the description of the goods and/or services, without additional questions to the Seller and/or other persons.

The ND MARKETplatform shall not bear responsibility if subsequently a decision of the ND MARKETplatformon the classification of goods and/or services to the list of prohibited ones is recognized as invalid.

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