How to sell on the ND MARKET platform
How to sell?

Trading on the ND MARKET online platform is a very interesting and productive process that can bring you quick and real profit.

Listed below are a few basic principles that you must adhere to when placing products on the platform.

Product exposure

On the ND MARKET platform, you can not only buy goods but sell them. To do this, you need to register as a buyer and go through validation, and then go through additional registration as a seller by clicking on the “Go to seller profile” button.

On the page "Edit the seller’s profile", please fill out all the necessary fields and click the "SAVE" button.

Register as a Seller by clicking on the “Register” button
Carefully fill in all the fields in each of the 3 steps of the Registration process

You can add a new product to the platform in your Personal Account in the section “My Products” -> button “Add Product” or on the page of your company by clicking on the button “Add Product”.

Add a new product by clicking on the button
Add a new product by clicking on the button

Choose the most accurate thematic section to place the product, otherwise, your potential customers will simply not find your product. Try to specify the maximum % of discount for the goods you offer. Buyers often view products with maximum discounts.

Scrupulously accurately and in detail describe the goods. Once on the product page, the buyer must have comprehensive information to make a purchase decision. If the product has flaws or defects, indicate them. Otherwise, the buyer will have the full right to refuse the purchase and the failure of the transaction will be on your conscience.

Be sure to upload the most successful product images. According to statistics, the more photos and videos the faster the product is sold.

Be sure to specify the terms of payment and delivery - this is especially important if you are trading not only within the framework of your locality but also sending your goods within your country or abroad.

Choose the most suitable category for your product
Download the most successful photos of the product.
Indicate the percentage of maximum discount on the product
Add the most objective description of the product.
Indicate Delivery Terms and Available Methods of Payment for the Goods

Put up for sale a lot of different products. Buyers like to click on the link “Other seller’s products”.

Carefully draw up the terms of the preliminary contract. Describe all the conditions of purchase and all the nuances of the goods or services and delivery in the application, it is an integral part of signing the preliminary contract.

From the moment you click the “Post the Goods” key, your item of goods will be reviewed and approved by the website administrator. After approval by the administrator and verification of your Company, the item of goods will be displayed on the platform. As soon as your goods would be desirable to buy, and the Potential Buyer pays the deposit and signs the Preliminary Agreement, you will receive a notification and his/her contact information. You shall contact the Buyer as soon as possible, and complete the transaction.

Communication with the buyer

You can view the messages received from the Buyer in your Personal Account in the “Messages” section, or by clicking on the “Messages” section in the drop-down menu on any page of the website.

To communicate with buyers, use the “Messages” section in the user account
To communicate with buyers, use the “Messages” section in the drop-down menu on any page of the site

You shall try to answer the questions of the Potential buyers as quickly and accurately as possible.

Select an interlocutor. New messages will always be marked with a green circle.
Type your response in the message box. You can also attach a file or image by clicking on the paperclip icon.

Always fulfill all conditions mentioned in the description of the item of goods.
Upon completion of the transaction, ask the Buyer to leave favorable feedback about you on the website. This will improve your rating.

In the case of violation of the terms of the Agreement, the Seller is obliged to return to the Buyer all funds in double the amount of the deposit.
In the case of an unreasonable refusal of the Buyer from the transaction - be sure to indicate it in your profile. This is required to pay you a compensation commission.

Under the terms of the ND MARKET marketing program, a commission is paid for each transaction. The amount of commission always depends on the amount of the transaction. Read more about the commission in the rules of the referral-leadership program ND MARKET.

Order Processing

You can view the list of your orders in the “Orders” menu in your Personal User’s Account.

Switch tabs in the horizontal menu to see orders with different statuses.
List of available actions with the order.
Information about the buyer, the amount and terms of the purchase.
Leave your feedback about the buyer.
Dialog box for communication with the buyer
As the order is processed, indicate its status.
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