How to buy on the ND MARKET


How to buy on the ND MARKET platform?

Goods and Services are initially offered with the biggest discounts, and the amount in NDCOIN tokens is also returned, which depends on the number of views of the "Actual cost" by all users of the platform.

It is simple, easy and quite quick to buy on the platform.

To purchase the goods or services on the platform, it is required to have NDCOIN tokens.

It is important:

  • You can use a keyword search.
  • The keyword search is only available by categories and name of the goods.
  • You can specify a category and a price, and choose the parameters you are interested in.
  • You can search an item of goods by discount rates.
  • By setting your geographical location, you will only see offers for your region.
  • Most pages of the website or application show the recommended goods – those, which the Sellers
    think are the best ones, and worth to be in the highlight.
  • As a default, the goods are sorted by time of its presentation on the platform.
  • The recommended goods are always above the common ones in the list.

Choice of the Goods

View the goods you are interested in:

  • Read carefully a description of the item of goods, its delivery and payment terms.
  • Study the displayed photos.
  • Take a note of all shortcomings, which can be seen on photos, or are mentioned in the description by the Seller.
  • Take a note of the Seller’s rating and other Buyers’ feedback regarding such Seller. This is very important and we recommend you to deal with reputable Sellers only.
  • If you have any questions or doubts, be sure to ask about it the Seller through a special form on the page „DIALOG BOX”. If an item of goods, its delivery and payment terms suit you, only in this case buy the item you selected. If you have any doubt, please, communicate with the Seller.
  • If you have any doubts, please, communicate with the Seller.
  • Please, read carefully the Agreement of Sale and Purchase.
  • If you have any questions and doubt regarding the Agreement of Sale and Purchase, be sure to consult your lawyers for explanation or clarification.

So, Do the Goods Come Up To Your Expectations?

It is easy! If an item of goods fully meet your expectation, and its price is fully suitable for you, click the „Buy” key. Then sign a Preliminary Agreement of Sale and Purchase, and pay a specified amount of the deposit (at least 6 %) using NDCOIN tokens. The deposit amount is included in the cost of the item. After that, the cost and terms of the transaction will be fixed, and the goods you paid for will be reserved for the time specified in the contract.

You can see the “Actual cost” of goods in the ND MARKET program.

In the ND MARKET sales section, the cost of the item of goods is hidden. You can see only the initial cost set by the Seller with the maximum discounts.

If you would like to see the price for viewing this item of goods (actual cost), you should click on the “Actual Cost” button, and confirm your consent to be debited an amount in NDCOIN tokens, which is equal to 2 Euros for one view.

Every time any user views the price of that offered item of goods (Actual cost), an amount in NDCOIN tokens keeps accumulating. This amount will be returned to you after the purchase of the chosen item of goods.

The more views, the more NDCOINs you will be credited to your cryptocurrency wallet.


So, you are on the order page and the transaction is fixed. To familiarize yourself with the details of the order, a link to your order page will be sent to the email address you specified. Your purchase history is always available in your profile. To clarify the details of payment and delivery, on the order page, you can contact the seller.

Please pay attention! Confirm the final conclusion of the main contract only after you carefully read it.

Further, it is necessary to pay the rest of the amount for the goods to the Seller.

After receiving the item of goods and clicking on the “Item Received’ button, the number of accrued NDCOIN tokens from viewing the cost of the goods by all users of the platform is transferred to the buyer of this product.

The buyer can use the accrued NDCOIN tokens for further purchases of goods and services on the platform withdraw them to his crypto wallet or transfer to fiat money and withdraw to the indicated accounts.

If the Buyer fails to pay the principal amount of the item of goods, the Seller will keep the deposit amount under the Preliminary Agreement of Sale and Purchase.


In case of misunderstanding between the parties to the transaction, employees of the platform administration should have the necessary information to establish the truth. Therefore, we recommend that you conduct all dialogs using the deal page in the "Dialog Box" and record all important conditions there.

How to Receive the Item of Goods

Be sure to remove the moment of receiving and opening the packaging on the camcorder. This will help in case of a misunderstanding between the parties.

Transaction Evaluation

After some time you will be proposed to inform of the completed transaction and describe the Seller. This will help other buyers to evaluate the quality and reliability of this Seller.

According to the terms of the ND MARKET marketing program, a commission is charged for each transaction. The amount of commission always depends on the amount of the transaction. Read more about the commission in the rules of the referral-leadership program ND MARKET.

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