The product has appeared, what's next

The goods were put up for a sale, what comes next?

The goods are approved by the Administrator, and put up for a sale on the platform. Now it is available for search through the automatic search system of the web-site.

Information about your goods is momentary distributed among the Registered Users of the website, who have subscribed for new goods and goods, which are available in certain sections.

Subscription is carried out on the web-site by choosing a specific topic, or specific goods.

On the page, where the goods are put up, you can see an access counter of your goods. Such function allows you to understand how many people have viewed it.

When the Preliminary Agreement is signed by the Potential Buyer, and uploaded to the web-site, as well as payment of the deposit by NDCOIN is made, you receive a notification, that the goods are being removed from the platform. After that, if necessary, you and the Buyer sign the Main Agreement, (examples of Agreements are provided on the web-site in the Seller’s Personal Account), which is provided by the Seller.

If the Buyer has not paid for the goods, has not paid the principal amount within the time, specified in the Main Agreement, the goods are returned to the Seller, and put up on the trading floor again.

Moreover, the Seller is entitled to adjust the terms for the further sale of the goods at any time.

In the case of non-payment of the main amount, as a compensation, the Company transfers 3% in NDCOIN tokens to the Seller’s wallet.

As the caution money is paid, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the transaction sheet with full information about the Buyer. In addition, all information on the transaction will be available in your account, where you can always see the contact details of the Buyer. The Buyer also receives your contact details.

In the application you shall indicate the possibility of delivery of the goods.

Sending and packaging of the goods to be shipped shall be taken on a video or a photo camera. This will help if a dispute arises, if that happens.

After some time, you will be asked to inform about the completed transaction, and to characterize the Buyer. This will help other Sellers to evaluate this Buyer.

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