ND MARKET platform.

You shall have NDCOIN token, when purchasing the goods or services on the platform, or for internal settlements.

ND MARKET is a platform intended for momentary purchase of immovable property, cars, furniture, and other goods and services at prices of sales and marketing actions. The cost is indicated by the Seller, taking into account the maximum discounts.

Due to new technologies, the Buyer, by signing the Preliminary Agreement of Sale and Purchase, and instantly paying a deposit (caution money) using NDCOIN tokens at least 6% of the cost, and reserves the Seller’s immovable property, car, furniture and other goods and services with the indicated conditions, and cost through the ND MARKET app, or website of the Company.   

Every each time when viewing of the “Current Cost of the Goods” by all Visitors of the platform, the amount in NDCOIN tokens is accumulated. This amount is returned to the Buyer after the purchase of the selected goods, while the return amount may be even more, than the cost of the purchased goods.

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