Actual product cost



To purchase goods, you must have an internal payment 'NDCOIN' token.

"The program of viewing the actual product cost." This is a program to receive funds for every purchase of goods or services on the "ND MARKET" platform. It is formed by each viewing of the cost of the goods or services you are interested in by all users of the platform.

The price set by the seller is always visible on the platform, it is the base, and it is indicated with maximum discounts from the originally set prices on manufacturers' websites. When purchasing any goods or services, it must be paid according to the terms of the contract.

“Actual cost” is always hidden. And each time when viewing this cost by clicking the button "SEE ACTUAL COST", the amount in NDCOIN tokens is debited from the account of any user. An amount is equivalent to two Euros. And the cost of a product or service is reduced by 1 euro. At each viewing, tokens are summed up and accumulated. And it is credited to the account of the user who purchased this product or service.

The credited amount in tokens maybe even more than the money spent on the purchase of goods. The buyer has the opportunity to exchange NDCOIN tokens for fiat funds in the company and withdraw to the bank details indicated by him or to his crypto wallet in NDCOIN tokens.